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8052-Related News
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12/11/07 Now Available: HI-TECH C PRO ANSI C Compiler for 8051 MCUs
03/31/08 Tekmos Introduces 'Drop in Replacement' for NXP P89C668 With the TK89C668 MCU
03/30/08 SDCC 2.8.0 released
03/20/08 Silicon Labs releases new low-power device
02/04/08 HI-TECH C PRO for the Silicon Labs 8051 MCU Family
08/24/07 USB audio controller w/8051 MCU targets Skype, VoIP
08/21/07 turns 10 years old
01/07/06 AT89LV55 has been discontinued
09/06/06 Protect Embedded Software against Hackers
08/28/06 TI Delivers new low-cost, high-performance audio DSP for Home and Car w/ 8051
07/31/06 SDCC 2.6.0 is released
07/13/06 The first 8051 from Atmel with 128kb of program flash memory
07/12/06 Atmel Introduces 14- & 16-Pin Low Power Single Cycle Core 8051 Microcontrollers
07/11/06 Freescale Leads Industry in Commercializing MRAM Technology
07/05/06 Silicon Laboratories USB Mass Storage Reference Design with FAT16
02/15/05 Philips considers chip business sell-off
02/12/05 USB ToolStick from SiLabs @ $10.99
01/21/05 Chipcon Launches a high-performance and low-cost 2.4 GHz SoC with radio, Flash and 8051
01/15/05 '51 derivative with LCD driver
01/11/05 SILabs "gives away" the CMX TCP/IP stack
09/14/05 Silabs Delivers Easy-to-Use ZigBee(TM) Development Kits
09/07/05 RamTron Acquires Goal Semiconductor
08/19/05 Range of industry standard programmers support Goal Semi MCUs
06/09/05 Goal ‘goes green’ with Pb-free 8-bit MCUs
04/20/05 Free Seminars on Unit Testing Microcontroller Applications
03/29/05 Goal Semi implements Pb-free FLASH 8051 MCUs
03/04/05 $99 "Universal" 8051 Dev Kit from Goal Semiconductor
02/10/05 In-Circuit Emulation Support for Dallas DS80C410 Announced
01/20/05 In-Circuit Emulation Support for Dallas DS89C450 Announced
01/10/05 Invector Embedded Technologies introduces a 10/100 MBit Ethernet module with integrated high performance MCU for embedded applications.
06/04/04 Triscend EOL Notification
03/14/04 Invector Embedded Tech. releases 8052-based ethernet/internet kit
02/10/03 Silicon Laboratories Completes Acquisition of Cygnal Integrated Products
03/24/03 Cygnal development kit sales top 10,000 units
03/10/03 In-Circuit Emulation Support for Dallas DS80C400 Announced
12/02/01 STMicroelectronics Introduces Highly Integrated and Highly Flexible 8051-Based Microcontrollers
09/17/02 Embedded Logic Systems releases Small Embedded Systems Toolkit
08/27/02 Celebrates 5 Years Online
04/15/02 24-bit data acquisition system from TI delivers industry's highest performance and integration
03/27/02 Ceibo & Keil Offers 8051 C++ Compiler
03/04/02 Altium significantly reduces entry point for 8051 embedded developers
02/06/02 Cygnal Integrated Products Tiny Microcontroller Named EDN Innovation of the Year Awards Finalist
01/17/02 Austin-based Cygnal Closes $20.5M Financing Round
01/15/02 Raisonance Announces immediate availability of tools for Philips' 8051MX
01/26/01 Altium, Tasking offers two complete toolsets for under $1000
12/29/00 Triscend Introduces Graphic LCD Design Solution for 8-bit Systems
12/25/00 Cygnal Integrated Products Wins Industry Award for Miniature Mixed Signal Processor
09/05/01 Cygnal Announces Flash Microcontroller in Tiny 3x3mm Package
08/08/01 Cygnal Integrated Products and SANYO Semi. Sign Agreement for Sales Coverage in Asia
06/04/01 Triscend Adds Communication Bridge Solutions to E5 Configurable System-on-Chip
05/22/01 Embedded Pascal 805x MKII compiler now available
05/14/01 Triscend Announces Price Reduction of Up to 27% for E5 Configurable System-on-Chip Devices
03/23/01 TASKING 8051 Tool Suite Offers Easy and Expert Modes, Simplifying Design of Intelligent Appliances
03/05/01 Cygnal's Latest SoC Family Gives Users Range of Price/Performance Options
02/05/01 Cygnal Raises Performance Bar With 6 New SoC Devices
01/21/00 Raisonance Announces New Post Linker Optimizer for 80C51 Microcontroller Architecture
01/17/00 Cygnal's Latest Product Targets Optical Communications Systems
12/20/99 Cygnal Continues Expansion of its Mixed-Signal Product Portfolio
12/13/99 Flint Distribution releases Winbond-based test board
09/17/00 Cygnal's High-Performance 8051 MCU Integrates 12-bit Analog Functionality in a 32-Pin Package
07/31/00 VIS Releases Pinnacle 52 with I2C Simulation Support
07/17/00 Cygnal Integrated Products Introduces FLASH-Based, Mixed-Signal Microcontroller Family Aimed at Broad Market Applications
07/17/00 Cygnal Integrated Announces Availability of $99 Development Tool for Mixed-Signal MCU Family
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