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$99 "Universal" 8051 Dev Kit from Goal Semiconductor
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Montreal, Canada, Goal Semiconductor today introduced the UniVersaKit (UVK), a new development kit and evaluation system that supports all Goal VERSA product families as well as most industry-standard 8051 microcontrollers and ships complete with IDE (Integrated Development Environment), C compiler and assembler.

The UniVersaKit (UVK) is a complete and comprehensive evaluation platform for the VERSA mixed-signal and low cost FLASH 8051-based MCU families. The UVK integrates the required support circuitry to minimize startup time, accelerate system prototyping and shorten time to market: The board includes voltage regulators (3.3V and 5V), an RS-232 transceiver, DB9 connectors, tact switches for manual reset and interrupt triggering, 8 user LEDs, an I²C-based EEPROM, Piezo buzzer and driver circuitry, chip peripherals and I/O pins that are easily accessible through probe vias and onboard header footprints, character LCD display expansion capabilities and ample prototyping space.

Dateline: 03/04/05