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WHAT IS 8052.COM? is a website provided free-of-charge to the 8052/MCS-51 community by Vault Information Services LLC along with's advertising sponsors, and has been online since August 1997. The vast majority of the prepared material on, including the tutorials, were written by the webmaster Craig Steiner who is a founding member of Vault Information Services LLC. The site receives approximately half a million "hits" from human beings (as opposed to web spiders) every month and is the primary community for developers and engineers interested in the 8052/MCS-51 architecture.


Vault Information Services LLC originated in October 1985 when Craig Steiner started "The Vault BBS" on an Atari 6502-based computer system. The BBS pioneered many innovative ideas within the Denver BBS community. The Vault BBS has existed ever since and has evolved. In 1991 the BBS switched to PC-based BBS software. In 1992 The Vault joined the Fidonet Network and a year later Craig Steiner became the Network Coordinator of Denver Net 1:104. In 1994 the BBS became one of the newest Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Denver at a time when the Internet was just becoming known.

In October 1992, seven years after The Vault BBS first went online, Craig Steiner joined forces with three friends--Thomas Jacobs, Shawn Rene, and Ted Ott--to create a formal business partnership: Vault Information Services.

Since VIS was officially founded in 1992 it has offered various products and services. Our first product was an accounting program that assisted Fidonet treasurers with billing their members. VIS soon started offering Internet service long before AOL. We have offered consulting services to companies throughout the United States, Europe, and Mexico. VIS has also been an avid supporter of the shareware concept having released all of its software products under this form of distribution.


Craig Steiner is the founding General Partner of Vault Information Services, the webmaster of, author of the The 8051/8052 Microcontroller book, and an independent consultant.

Craig has been involved in programming in general for nearly three decades and his experience includes communications, Internet-based programming, HTML, CGI scripts, PHP, MySQL, bar codes, C, C++, Visual Basic, 8051 assembly language as well as 'C' in an 8051 environment, database applications using SQL Server and Oracle, development of OCX controls in Visual Basic, as well as development under the Windows CE and Palm platforms.

Craig Steiner is available for both long- and short-term consulting projects. Please feel free to review my resume.