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Embedded Logic Systems releases Small Embedded Systems Toolkit
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Embedded Logic Systems (ELS) is proud to announce the release of the latest addition to their growing line-up of CD software collection products: The Small Embedded Systems Toolkit, or SEST. The SEST is anything but small, with over 230 megabytes of tools, applications, reference data and source code for developing embedded products for popular 8 and 16-bit microprocessors. Best of all, most of the SEST is completely free as either public domain or open source.

Sample Contents:

Everything an embedded systems engineer needs to get a project up and running is right here. The SEST has it all: compilers, interpreters, assemblers, simulators, monitors, debuggers and even complete ready-to-run real-time operating systems. It also contains the complete chipdir, one of the most comprehensive free sources of device information available anywhere. The SEST covers the MCS51, PIC, 68XX and 68K devices, along with a few others as well.

The SEST also provides extensive support for Linux as an embedded systems development platform, and includes the latest versions of the Small Device C Compiler (SDCC), DOSemu DOS run-time emulation, and the XCircuit schematic capture packages. Links to other Linux and embedded systems resources round out the collection.

This CD contains vast amounts of valuable information in a convenient, table-driven web browser friendly format. The SEST is easy to use, regardless of the platform. No installation required, just put it in a CD-ROM drive and point a web browser to it. It's just that simple.

So, for the engineer who just wants instant access to the tools to help make their efforts a success, or for those who need a way to get to the answers they seek without an Internet connection, then this is the CD for them. Also perfect for people behind locked-down corporate firewalls or in areas with limited access to the Internet.

Professionally packaged in a shrink-wrapped CD jewel case with four-color inserts and labeling. Pricing starts at $14.95 in single unit quantities, with volume discounts and distribution terms available. ELS welcomes orders from overseas and foreign customers.

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