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AT89LV55 has been discontinued
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According local distrubutors notification, Atmel sets status EOL (End-Of-Life) for AT89LV55. The last order date is 2007-03-25. There is no direct replacement for this derivative; Atmel suggests to use AT89C51RC2 instead:

AT89C51RC2-SLSUL instead AT89LV55-12JC
AT89C51RC2-SLSUL instead AT89LV55-12JI
AT89C51RC2-RLTUL instead AT89LV55-12AC
AT89C51RC2-RLTUL instead AT89LV55-12AI
AT89LV55-12PC has no replacement suggested
AT89LV55-12PI has no replacement suggested

Dateline: 01/07/06