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Triscend Adds Communication Bridge Solutions to E5 Configurable System-on-Chip
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., - Triscend Corporation, the leading provider of Configurable System-on-Chip (CSoC) devices, today introduced new USB and CAN interface reference designs for the 8051-powered E5ä Configurable System-on-Chip (CSoC) device family. These reference designs provide OEMs with more flexible communication bridge solutions that aim to reduce development time and enhance product differentiation.

By combining the 8-bit E5 CSoC and its pre-verified configurable system logic (CSL) routines with stand-alone communication controllers, Triscend's latest reference designs simplify the interfacing of USB and CAN based devices with Ethernet, HDLC, two-wire serial interface (I2C-compatible), and other industry standard communications networks already supported by the E5.

"Our Configurable System-on-Chip is the only viable alternative for solving the design challenges around bridging the evolving standards that exist in today's communication interfaces," said Lawrence J. Getman, director of business development for Triscend. "The addition of these new reference designs gives our E5 customers even more options in developing differentiated products with greater efficiency."

E5+USB Reference Design

The E5+USB reference design supports a full speed USB device interface with a maximum data throughput of 6.67Mbps. The E5's programmable pins are used to emulate all signals required by the 8051 compatible Netchip NET2890 USB full speed device controller to arrive at a fully programmable, two-chip "plug and play" solution. Netchip offers a development kit, the NET2890EB, which provides sample code including source to interface to an 8051. Additional information on the NET2890 and the NET2890EB are available from the Netchip website,

E5+CAN Reference Design

For real-time industrial control applications in particular, the E5+CAN reference design offers an efficient means of bridging between CAN compatible devices and an Ethernet network. Using a single channel serial peripheral interface (SPI) master module from Triscend's FastChipâ IP module library, the E5 CSoC can be directly connected to a Microchip MCP2510 full CAN protocol controller at a data transmission speed of 5MHz. More information on the Microchip MCP2510 can be found at the Microchip website,

The E5, the world's first CSoC family, consists of four devices. All devices feature a performance-accelerated 8051 microcontroller core - capable of running 10 MIPS at 40MHz, Configurable System Logic (CSL) - Triscend's programmable logic fabric, a memory sub-system, and a high performance system bus. E5 devices are also hardwired with a wealth of microcontroller peripherals, such as DMA controllers, a JTAG emulation interface, UARTs, and timers/watchdog. More information on the E5 family and a block diagram can be found at


Both reference designs are free and immediately available for download from the Triscend web site at Each Reference Design file includes the respective interface soft module that can be added to the E5 device's Configurable System Logic via FastChip to access the USB or CAN controller, and the application note that describes how to implement, configure and use the module. FastChip is available through Triscend's distribution partners for $99.

About NetChip

NetChip Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-performance semiconductors and subsystems based on USB and other leading edge, emerging technologies. NetChip is the first company in the world to demonstrate USB 2.0 products at various conferences hosted by Intel and Microsoft. The company's innovative product designs, unparalleled level of customer support, and high level of product expertise have earned NetChip a solid reputation with peripheral device design engineers and business managers alike. You can find NetChip's products in many popular printers, scanners, storage devices, digital cameras, multimedia devices, broadband modems, business and home networking equipment. NetChip is headquartered at 335 Pioneer Way, Mountain View, CA 94041, 650-526-1490,

About Triscend

Triscend Corporation is the leading provider of Configurable System-on-Chip (CSoC) devices - a single-chip combination of a dedicated industry-standard microprocessor, embedded programmable logic, a dedicated system bus, and memory. Triscend CSoC devices, along with the FastChip Software Development System, fill the gap between fully custom system-on-chips and application specific standard products, providing the next level of integration, time-to-market and programmability. Founded in 1997, Triscend is privately held and venture capital funded and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. More information on Triscend is available at or by calling (650) 968-8668.

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Dateline: 06/04/01