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Raisonance Announces immediate availability of tools for Philips' 8051MX
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Crolles, France - Raisonance announces immediate availability of an integrated toolchain for the 8051 Memory eXtended (MX) architecture from Philips. RCMX, MAMX, RLMX and SIMICE MX, respectively ANSI C Compiler, Macro Assembler, Linker and Simulator for the MX architecture work seamlessly under Raisonance Integrated Development Environment (RIDE) and are compatible with Raisonance's existing 8051 and XA toolchains, thus confirming Raisonance's position as the most complete tool provider for Philips targets.

Philips 8051MX architecture has been designed to allow easy development of applications >64kb while preserving binary compatibility with existing 8051 code and allowing efficient programming in the C language. RCMX takes full advantage of all these new features by offering a choice of different memory models for code memory, data memory and stack size, all supported in all possible combinations of assembly-written libraries.

Although derived from, and strictly compatible with, RC51, RCMX has been developed from the ground up to support the new features of the MX such as Linear Addressing Mode and 16 bits stack. This allows for the development of large applications without incorporating the complex details such as code banking and location of different modules. Generic pointers are managed through the hardware registers PR0 and PR1, thus eliminating the need to include library functions for these operations.

The whole toolchain completely supports all new MX memory spaces (HDATA and EDATA) as well as the Far and Near qualifiers for Functions and Code and the management of Universal Pointers.

Luca Ubiali, marketing manager of Raisonance said: "We have developed the MX toolchain with the end user in mind. We didn't want to just adapt our 8051 toolchain to make it able to generate more than 64kb of code, we have taken the problem at the core and we now have a toolchain that is really specific for the MX. We are proud to provide the most comprehensive support for Philips micros and we will continue in this direction."


MX tools from Raisonance are available immediately as part of existing Raisonance Tool Suites for 8051 (RkitP51 - Professional Version and RkitE51 - Enterprise version) at no extra cost. Customers under a valid Maintenance Contract as of January 2002 will receive the new tools for free with the next upgrade.

A fully working demo version (limited to 4kb of generated code) is available at for free download.

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Luca Ubiali
Raisonance SA
Marketing Manager
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Dateline: 01/15/02