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Invector Embedded Tech. releases 8052-based ethernet/internet kit
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Invector Embedded Technologies recently released a complete 8052 based ethernet/internet development kit. The IET80C31 ethernet/internet development kit consists of a hardware platform based around a standard 8052 derivative from Philips together with a small amount of fixed EPROM memory and 56 KByte of available RAM. Together with this MCU board comes also Invectors popular IP Dragon which is a small board complete with ethernet controller, magnetics and connectors. This little marvel board can later on be placed in your own applications to serve ethernet connetions. Also included in this kit is the Wickenhäuser ANSI C compiler, debugger and tools, as well as their TCP/IP stack. The MCU board comes with a ROM monitor making high level language debugging a snap. Just start the debugger, download the code and start hacking away.

With this kit the user can have a sample web server up and running in less than 15 minutes. Included is also a sample SMTP client able to send emails anywhere in the world. Most users will want to have their own application protocols though, which is very easy to implement with the included TCP/IP stack. The TCP/IP stack compiles down to a mere 6-8 KByte and requires only 600 bytes of ram in its minimal configuration. 1 - 2 Kbyte of RAM is optimal making the stack the perfect choice for small memory footprint derivatives.

Examples of existing applications using our technology includes alarm nodes, surveillance cameras, high end battery chargers and many more.

For more information call +46 414 51290, email us at info "at" or visit us at our website where you can also visit a sample webserver hosted by the IET80C31 board and IP Dragon.

Dateline: 03/14/04