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Atmel Introduces 14- & 16-Pin Low Power Single Cycle Core 8051 Microcontrollers
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San Jose, CA - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), a global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced today the introduction of four new 14-pin and two new 16-pin microcontrollers based on the Atmel 8051 single cycle core. Atmel’s single cycle core architecture executes each byte fetch in a single clock cycle resulting in 70% of all instructions being executed in a single clock cycle. Compared to the traditional 8051 devices, this can either increase performance up to 12 times or reduce power consumption by up to 80%.

Low pin-count microcontrollers have emerged as a fundamental building block of many general purpose applications. The AT89LP213/413, AT89LP214/414 and AT89LP216/416 devices are cost-effective 8-bit microcontrollers ideal for applications requiring not only low-pin count, but low power and high performance in a small footprint. These new microcontrollers reduce system cost with a variety of on-chip features, enabling faster time-to-market for products such as white goods, remote controls, smart sensors and disposable electronic products.

The AT89LP214 and AT89LP213 have 2 Kbytes of In-system Programmable Flash whereas the AT89LP414 and AT89LP413 have 4 Kbytes of Flash. The 16-pin versions are the AT89LP216 and AT89LP416 that have 2 and 4 Kbytes of Flash memory respectively. These devices come with a rich feature set which includes on-chip debug, on-chip hardware multiplier, Pulse Width Modulation, analog comparator, internal RC oscillator and 12 general purpose I/Os for application use. They are ideal for motor control, battery management and other general purpose applications.

The devices achieve a 20 MIPS throughput when running at 20 MHz and consume very low power when running at a lower frequency. Typical power consumption in 3.6V active mode at 1 MHz is 1.1 mA and less than 0.45 mA in idle mode. They can operate down to 2V at 10 MHz and 2.4V at 20 MHz.

The AT89LP214 and AT89LP213 are available in 14-pin TSSOP and PDIP packages while the AT89LP216 is available in 16-pin TSS0P, SOIC and PDIP packages. The 10k unit price is $0.87 for AT89LP214 and AT89LP213, and $0.91 for AT89LP216. Samples for AT89LP414, AT89LP413 and AT89LP416 will be available in 4Q 2006

AT89LP213/214 product page:

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Dateline: 07/12/06