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Add a Story/Article to News
This page is for those users who would like to submit an article, product announcement, press release, or other information that would be useful to the community. There is no charge to submit articles to the News section.

You may submit news about your own company or products or may also submit news that relates to other companies. That means that if you don't work for the XYZ Company and you find a press release from the XYZ Company that is of interest to the community you may certainly submit it.

All news submissions will be reviewed by the moderator or webmaster before being displayed to the public.

NOTE: Please try to compose the submission as a professionally-worded press release and provide links where appropriate. Short stories of a few sentences that do not provide much information will generally be discarded.

News Dateline (YYYY-MM-DD):
Enter the dateline for this article. Be sure to enter the date as YYYY-MM-DD.
Article Headline/Title:
Enter the headline or title for this article. Please make it brief and concise.
News Body:
Enter the body of the news article here. Please do not use any HTML except A HREF (links), I (italics), and B (bold).