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Embedded Pascal 805x MKII compiler now available
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In 1999 Embedded Pascal for the 8052 was released. The idea was to provide a compiler that was usable on a professional level but at a much lower cost than normally associated with development tools.

Released as low cost shareware it nevertheless contained a full compiler, assembler, linker and a powerfull, fast simulator. Embedded Pascal is easy to use and integrates very well with assembler. This led to "EP" as it is called by most to become a popular 805x based developement system.

In the meantime something happened in the 805x world - more and more big and small chip vendors started producing new 805x based devices. The old 8051 design was growing wings!

The next thing that happened was that the author of Embedded Pascal formed his own company to produce aviation instrumentation. The new 805x chips where just the ticket!

But it needed a new compiler. Better. Much better !

Based on the core of Embedded Pascal for the AVR, a new development was started from scratch.

The result is the most comprehensive development system ever created for the 805x devices. Here are some of the highlights:

The full unlimited version including the library sources can be obtained for only $129. This includes free updates as well.

Dateline: 05/22/01