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In-Circuit Emulation Support for Dallas DS89C450 Announced
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Chandler, AZ (January 20, 2005) - MetaLink Corporation has introduced support for the DS89C450 Microcontroller from Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim. The 8-bit DS89C450 MCU is a second generation version of the Dallas' High Speed 80C51 core architecture. It has been designed to reduce the instruction execution time from the original 8051's 12 clocks per machine cycle to 1 clock per machine cycle with a maximum speed of 33 MHz. This microcontroller includes 1 Kbytes of on-chip SRAM. Support for the DS89C450 device will be provided by the MetaICE PE family of emulators at $2000. MetaLink is now accepting orders. Delivery is two weeks ARO.

The MetaICE PE is state of the art in 8051 emulator design with its combination of a small footprint, high speed and attractive features for a modest cost, providing a great value. The MetaICE PE is one of the smallest full-featured emulators on the market, measuring just 4.4" (11,2 cm) by 3.3" (8,4 cm). The MetaICE PE emulator for the DS89C450 includes the following features:

The DS89C450 contains Enhanced Hooks, a MetaLink patented emulation technology licensed to Dallas Semiconductor. Many of the MetaICE PE emulator's powerful characteristics are a result of Enhanced Hooks being embedded in the DS89C450 microcontroller.

MetaLink Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance, cost-effective in-circuit emulators for embedded control designs. Founded in 1984, the company has many significant achievements in in-circuit emulator technology, including the invention and widespread adaptation of Enhanced Hooks, a patented technology that eliminated the need for bond-out chips for most 8051 devices. Enhanced Hooks has been licensed by most major 8051 semiconductor companies.

Data sheets and price lists are available by contacting MetaLink Corporation at:
1-800-METAICE (1-800-638-2423)

Contact:John Alcide
Phone:(480) 926-0797

Dateline: 01/20/05