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Cygnal development kit sales top 10,000 units
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AUSTIN, TX – Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc., the Austin-based semiconductor company specializing in mixed signal flash microcontrollers, announces the achievement of selling over 10,000 Development Kits since the introduction of its first products in July 2000.

“Each development kit in the field represents a design seat for Cygnal microcontroller products,” said Don Alfano, Vice President of Marketing. “Cygnal has achieved a major milestone in establishing a broad user base for its products by exceeding 10,000 design seats, and looks forward to accelerating acceptance of its ever increasing array of products.”

This benchmark was reached sooner than originally anticipated, and the company will continue to promote development kit sales and assist designers in bringing their end products to market. “An installed base of development kits is a strong indicator of future revenue potential,” said Jeff Rosenberg, an analyst with William Blair & Co. “Historically, companies with similar products plan on each design seat generating thousands of dollars of product shipments within a few years.”

Each Cygnal Development Kit enables designers to fully develop and debug Cygnal microcontroller products in the end-application. Cygnal’s best-in-class products have built in circuitry that facilitates full-speed in-system debug features such as single-stepping, breakpoints, and modifying registers and memory. Development kit prices range from $99 to $459. Development kits and chips are available for purchase direct from Cygnal at

About Cygnal

Founded in March 1999, Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. of Austin, TX, designs, manufactures and markets advanced in-system programmable, mixed signal system-on-chip (SoC) products and associated support tools. These unique products embody the Company’s distinguished technical skill base integrating world-class analog, high-speed digital and FLASH memory functions into a single powerful chip. The combination of mixed-signal integration and in-system programmability offers tangible user benefits through higher component integration, greater design flexibility, faster time-to-market, superior system performance and improved end product differentiation. Cygnal products deliver advanced application solutions expressly designed to address a broad range of markets including communications systems, industrial equipment and consumer products. Technical information is available and orders are accepted at the Company’s e-commerce site at

Cygnal and are trademarks of Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.

Dateline: 03/24/03