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Cygnal Integrated Announces Availability of $99 Development Tool for Mixed-Signal MCU Family
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AUSTIN, TX -- Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. today announced availability of its $99 C8051F010DK development kit, the first in a series of support tools for their C8051Fxxx family of FLASH-based, mixed-signal MCUs. This kit supports the entire family of C8051Fxxx mixed-signal MCUs, providing software development and in-system debugging capabilities typical of emulators costing thousands of dollars.

Debug circuitry within each C8051Fxxx MCU enables these feature-rich, low cost development tools. This debug circuitry, accessible at the chip's JTAG port pins, connects to the serial port of the user's PC via a JTAG-to-RS232 protocol converter (EC module) supplied in the development kit. The kit also contains Cygnal's integrated development environment (IDE) software, which gives the user a familiar, single environment in which to edit, assemble, download and debug his code. Most importantly, debugging takes place in the end application, using the actual installed MCU- true "WYSIWYG debugging" without expensive emulator pods, performance-degrading cables or clumsy sockets. The full-speed debugger operates unobtrusively using none of the MCU's resources, yet provides functions typical of emulators costing thousands of dollars such as multiple breakpoints, single step execution, examine/update registers and memory, FLASH memory programming and more.

"The C8051F010DK is a real development tool, not just an evaluation or 'burn-and-learn' vehicle. It's a serious development environment that supports both software development and full speed, in-system debugging. It's not unusual to pay a thousand dollars or more for similar capability in an emulator," says Don Alfano, Cygnal VP of Marketing. "This kit supplies the user with everything required to immediately begin developing applications with our C8051Fxxx mixed-signal MCUs."

The C8051F010DK development kit is in stock and available for immediate delivery. It contains the EC module with serial cables, Windows 95/98/NTTM*-compatible IDE software (editor, macro assembler, debugger), pre-assembled target/prototyping board with C8051F010 installed, and wall-mount power supply (US, UK, Euro, Japanese, Austrialian, HK, Tiawan and Korean versions available). Future kit versions differ only in the specific MCU version installed in the target/prototyping board. The C8051F010DK sells for only $99 complete and is available for immediate shipment at (Visa and Master Card accepted).

About Cygnal

Founded in March, 1999, Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. of Austin, TX. designs, manufactures and markets field-programmable, mixed signal System-on-Chip products and associated support tools. These products embody the Company's considerable technical skills integrating world-class analog, high-speed digital and FLASH memory functions into a single device with "no-compromises". The combination of mixed signal integration and field programmability benefit the user with higher component integration, greater design flexibility, faster time-to-market, superior system performance and greater end product differentiation. Cygnal products address a broad range of markets including communications systems, industrial equipment and consumer products. The Company's worldwide sales force consists of a network of field application engineers and manufacturer's representatives. Technical information is available and orders are accepted at the Company's e-commerce site at Products may be purchased in any quantity, either by purchase order (invoiced shipments) or by credit card.

Cygnal is backed with over $15M in venture capital funding from several companies including Austin Ventures, JatoTech Ventures, Cirrus Logic, Sanyo Semiconductor plus other well known
venture and private investors.

Contact: Don Alfano, VP Marketing 512-327-7088 x205,
For more information, please visit, or email us at

Dateline: 07/17/00