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Cygnal's Latest SoC Family Gives Users Range of Price/Performance Options
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AUSTIN, TX (05-Mar-2001) -- Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. today announced its latest family of field-programmable, mixed-signal system-on-a-chip microcontrollers with the launch of six new C8051F2xx devices. Cygnal leverages its expertise in both analog and digital design with the availability of the C8051F22x and C8051F23x members which provide 8-bit microcontroller users with an immediate performance and integration upgrade path for such consumer applications as electronic games, desktop peripherals, information appliances, home automation and security systems. With 18 devices introduced in the past eight months, Cygnal's growing line of 8-bit mixed-signal microcontrollers offer customers a rich portfolio of products to meet their individual price/performance needs.

Cygnal's latest offerings feature an 8051 compatible CPU delivering up to 25 MIPS at 25MHz. The 8051's CISC instruction set improves code density over 8-bit RISC controllers. In addition, most instructions execute in a single cycle. System cost, development time and parts count are all reduced by integrating 8Kbytes of in-system programmable FLASH memory, up to 1,280 bytes of RAM, UART, and SPI* serial interface and three 8051-style timers.Versions are available both with (C8051F22x) and without (C8051F23x) an 8-bit precision analog-to-digital converter to further reduce cost.

Cygnal's rapidly growing family of microcontrollers is supported by a series of $99 development kits - comprehensive development tools with capabilities typically found only in emulators costing thousands of dollars.

The devices sell for between $4.42 and $6.50 in 1,000 piece quantities, and the C8051F226DK development kit sells for $99 each. Kits and sample quantities are available for purchase at

Cygnal Introduces New User's Group

Cygnal recently added a User's Group forum to its web site dedicated to supporting users of its popular C8051Fxxx microcontrollers. Users can log on to the site to obtain technical support and to share ideas and solutions with other users.

About Cygnal

Founded in March 1999, Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. of Austin, TX, designs, manufactures and markets field-programmable, mixed signal System-on-Chip products and associated support tools. These products embody the Company's considerable technical skills integrating world-class analog, high-speed digital and FLASH memory functions into a single device with "no-compromises." The combination of mixed-signal integration and field programmability benefit the user with higher component integration, greater design flexibility, faster time-to-market, superior system performance and greater end product differentiation. Cygnal products are application solutions addressing a broad range of markets including communications systems, industrial equipment and consumer products. The Company's worldwide sales force consists of a network of field application engineers and manufacturer's representatives. Technical information is available and orders are accepted at the Company's e-commerce site at Products may be purchased in any quantity, either by purchase order (invoiced shipments) or by credit card. Cygnal is backed with over $15M in venture capital funding from several companies including Austin Ventures, JatoTech Ventures, Cirrus Logic, Sanyo Semiconductor plus other well known venture and private investors.

Contact: Steven Lindquist 512-327-7088 x300,
Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.
4301 Westbank Drive
Building B - Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78746

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Dateline: 03/05/01