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06/05/13 18:02
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#189861 - Programming AT89LP214
I have just attempted to program an Atmel AT89LP214 without much luck. This is a new device for me. I bought an "AT89 ISP Cable", and connected the 10 wires to the correct pins (I think). The I try using the "Auto Program" function, the erase part works, and when the actual programming starts, I get this message: "The device is READ/WRITE LOCKED." How can an erased chip be read/write locked?

The pins I have connected (on the LP214) are the following:

10 VCC

I have a regulated 5V supply connected to VCC and GND. No other pins are connected. The LP214 has a built-in oscillator, but does it still need a crystal for programming? When I tried to read data from a chip (Atmel signature, user signature etc.), I would get all zeroes. I changed the parallel port mode from EPP to ECP, and now I get what looks like random data. How should the parallel port be setup for the cable to work? The manual doesn't mention anything...

Is other software available for use with the LP214 and 89ISP cable? I have used PonyProg in the past (without problems), but it does not support the "newer" Atmel devices.

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