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05/02/18 02:37
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#190894 - I know how to return equipment that fails
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I wanted to repair it my self but was not familiar with this type of ir infrared transmitter operation. I could not find any information on google to help to understand how this unit worked with the headphones. The old type of ir infrared headphones from radio shack were really well designed and lasted for 20 years and they even gave you six page repair booklet if you wanted it. The new ones from china almost give no information how they function. They don't even come with a power supply unit. Thanks for the links to return equipment, but did know how to do that myself. I been tech for 20 years and most of the time I can fix any equipment that defective if I know how it works. I was hoping that one the engineers on this site could tell me how TA2008 5v Am/Fm chip interfaced to the ir infrared transmitter to headphone receiver.

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Ralph Sac

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