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Ralph Sac
04/29/18 09:32
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#190890 - Clueless
Hi to all members:

I have problem with ir infrared transmitter and are clueless how it should work. It came with no documents except for some 2 pages telling you what you receive with this unit. I had radio shack ir unit which worked at 38 khz with ir headphones till failed. Since the headphones did not work any more and transmitter was ok, I figured I should get new set heahphones, but new ones don't work the same way as the old ones. so purchased 2 headphones and new transmitter from beach audio brand sound storm and they worked for 20 days and then failed. I should mention they do not come with 12vdc power unit must supply your own.

I have infrared wireless audio transmitter model SHP22IR that has stopped working correctly. It came with 2 ir headphones and for 20 days worked perfectly being used with my tv set using optical converter to your transmitter for sound. I was told to use 12 vdc 100ma or 500ma or 1A for your unit. This because your unit does not come with a power supply. With out any audio connection all 6 leds in transmittter are on. Unit worked ok 20 days with headphones. This is what happened after 20 days first only the 3 leds on right were on but still able to here sound from tv. Then all the leds went out no sound. Another time I turn on unit only 3 leds on left side transmitter on and then unit turned off. Sometimes 6 leds on then change 3 leds again right side of display. I also tryed using 12vdc power package using 8 AA batteries. Worked the same way. I have loss of hearing so wanted to work correctly. Also I open up the 4 screws and their are 2 TA 2008 5v am/fm chips for digital tuning systems. I would appreciate it you could tell how this unit is suppose to work. Everything in this unit is smd parts techs nightmare. Even if you gave block diagram of how it works would be appreciated. Appears they no longer sell 38 khz type any more in any where even internet stores. So I went with these and when they worked they were great.

These are the specifications Model SHP22ir ir wireless transmitter audio system:

Transmission system infrared light
Carrier freaquencies 2.3 Mhz (left channel) 2.8 Mhz (right channel)
Distortion greater than 60db
S/N ratio greater than 40db
Channel separation less than 1%
Frequency Response 30Hz-20khz
Power Source (2) x AAA batteries headphones
Current consumption 25ma max (during play)/ 15ma (muted)

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

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