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Andy Neil
04/03/17 02:08
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#190773 - Irony - NXP now back into 8-bit!
Way back in Feb 2011, Jan Waclawek said:
In this video, dated Oct/Nov 2010, a NXP Product Marketing Manager said, around 2:00 min:
NXP is 100% committed now on ARMs. [...] We've got some 8-bit parts, we [??? can't decipher properly] end-of-life them, but there's no roadmap for us for 8-bit. We truly think that the M0 part starts to go into 8- and 16-bit areas.

(my emphasis)
See: (old thread is now locked, so can't comment there)

Now, with the acquisition of Freescale, that has reversed:

NXP said:

New System-on-Chip Is Part of NXP's Strategy to Extend its 8-bit Family of Microcontrollers for the Broad Market; SoC Includes MOSFET Pre-driver, Delivering Ultra-High Voltage, Low Bill of Material and Tighter Integration

AUSTIN, Texas, March 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) today announced the world's smallest single-chip SoC solution - the MC9S08SUx microcontroller (MCU) family - with an integrated 18V-to-5V LDO and MOSFET pre-driver that delivers ultra-high-voltage solution for drones, robots, power tools, healthcare and other low-end brushless DC electric motor control (BLDC) applications. Extending the company's S08 family of MCUs, the robust 8-bit MC9S08SUx microcontroller family offers 4.5V~18V supply voltage range with lower bill of materials (BOM) cost and tighter integration for higher performance and reliability. The new SoC units address the growing demand to replace multiple device solutions with a single MCU to reduce cost and system size, while simplifying integration and layout for space-constrained use cases.
(my emphasis)

It's not 8051 (it's based on the HCS08) - but it's a clear reversal of the "no roadmap for 8-bit" !

It remains to be seen whether Qualcomm will follow this through ...

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