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Kerim Fahme
12/17/16 01:54
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#190712 - Only this site is slow...
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
and this is natural for any technical one in which members cannot exchange their practical ideas, codes and/or works via an upload/download service.
On my side, I had to shift always to the available MCU that I could get (for the various boards I design).

In the far past, I was able to start with AT89C51 up to SST89E58RDA. But during the last 4 years, I had AT89C2051 as the only option available. Then when I discovered that I can get ATmega8 (AVR) for the same price of AT89C2051 and I was allowed lately (since I was born and live in Aleppo-Syria) to download its Atmel Studio (also allowed to join AVRfreaks), I had to shift to the AVR world though my past codes (many hundreds; for various products needed by the local market) were all written for C51 family.

Anyway, I am 68 so I will certainly pass away before the end of any MCU family which is alive in the world will do ;)

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Eve/Year.

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