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12/04/16 09:43
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#190706 - Plenty of life in 8b
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Jan Waclawek said:
Meantime, used AVRs a lot, but lately even those in slave setting to an ARM (thus wrote most of the stuff for that ARM).

With the Microchip takeover, AVR prices are trending a lot less competitive.
There is plenty of use of 8b MCUs, as you say as slaves to 32b, and also in the simplest control tasks.
The cheapest capable MCU on Digikey is Silabs EFM8BB1, and the STM STM8 claims strong sales.
The SiLabs EFM8LB1/BB3 is a very capable Sensor-interface MCU.

Companies like ABOV, Nuvoton, SyncMOS, STC are all active in new 8051 releases.

The new Nuvoton N76E003 is targeting the STM8 sockets, so we could see a price war in 8b MCUs.

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