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03/03/20 13:32
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Hi Everyone:

I received my yellow remote in mail. Took it apart has one chip inside. rf60sc2 14 pin some caps and one resistor and uses cr2032 3v battery. No information google. Maybe a microchip part? If anyone has application notes on this chip please post it here in my thread. Also checked hopping code as 387 mhz, 291 mhz, 390 mhz, 373 mhz, 302 mhz, 376 mhz, 368 mhz, 356 mhz, 389 mhz, 344 mhz, 348 mhz, 286 mhz, 283 mhz after this I stopped looking at transmitts. For $10 item works great with my liftmaster garage door opener. It's only size of pack of matches!

Best regards,


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