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03/01/20 17:18
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#190974 - Light at end of the tunnel
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Hi everyone:

If you google and read enough you may find an answer. The general chip used in garage openers with hopping code is HCS301 from Microchip 8 pin device. You find information on this chip if you type HCS301 in google or going to Microchip website. Where you find pdf on this chip in either location. After I receive my yellow remote learn remote. I will try make my own opener. The chip is available on Ebay or Mouser Electronics or other places. If anyone does read application notes let me know what you think of this chip. Put schematic on this site if you do experiment with this chip. Or draw a schematic for this chip. I will get back to you after receive my yellow remote and look inside it.The chip sells for 1.26 to 3.00.

Best regards,


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