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Gary Peek
04/19/19 08:29
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St. Charles, Mo

#190940 - Not that I know of ...
Responding to: Jérôme Desfontaine's previous message
You posted: "Didn't Atmel announce they won't support MCS51 anymore, before Microchip buy them?"

Not that I know of, but I might have missed it. That is why I was asking.

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Why so little 8051 based chips info on Microchip web site?      Gary Peek      04/18/19 11:02      
   They just don't care about "obsolete" designs.      Jérôme Desfontaine      04/19/19 04:46      
      Not that I know of ...      Gary Peek      04/19/19 08:29      
         AT89 still active (and so are ATF16V8)      Jim Granville      06/03/19 14:12      

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