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Jan Waclawek
07/08/17 02:39
  07/08/17 02:42

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#190790 - Chinese?
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Oh c'mon, that webpage you gave link to clearly says that the chip on it is MAS6180C, and there is also a link to the datasheet where the manufacturer's address is on the last page:

Micro Analog Systems Oy
Kutomotie 16
FI-00380 Helsinki, FINLAND
Tel. +358 10 835 1100
Fax +358 10 835 1109

That module is made directly by them

Now note that this is "only" the analog front-end - basically an extremely-narrowband AM radio with an output level comparator - and you still have to do the "digital" decoding on your own.

The pricetag around $10 is at around what these modules cost at the quantity of 1, especially if they come with antenna it's a fair price, see e.g. . You can of course always buy a new clock if you can get it cheaper, keep the module+antenna and throw away the rest. You're not likely to get it any cheaper unless you intend to go for volume, in which case I'd recommend you to contact directly the manufacturer. There may be cheaper stuff around.

If you just want to experiment and you are located close enough to the transmitter so you have ample signal, you can try to roll out your own dirt cheap receiver - it's good old AM, and up to 100kHz is considered DC these days...


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