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Erik Malund
06/29/17 15:20
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Mt Airy, Nc

#190784 - time off the air for pennies
My wife just go a new vary fancy alarm clock (<$10)
with all the other things it can do, the "picking the correct time off the air" must be done VERY cheaply.

any ideas as to chip etc?

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time off the air for pennies      Erik Malund      06/29/17 15:20      
   Radio time      Steve M. Taylor      06/29/17 17:35      
      that cost more than the whole clock      Erik Malund      06/30/17 08:50      
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         to clarify      Erik Malund      07/08/17 06:58      
            Atomic Clock      Michael Karas      08/15/17 03:27      
               I do not know      Erik Malund      08/17/17 07:22      

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