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Michael Karas
02/13/20 23:18
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Beaverton Or

#190970 - Spreadsheet Analysis
Responding to: Grant Beattie's previous message

I do not see where the data that you provided ends up showing a compiler bug. One thing that is a little uncertain is where the values that you show in the comments of each line of the table come from. Are those showing what the compiler produced or what you computed ahead of time.

I made a simple spreadsheet in Excel to duplicate those calculations and the first thing that jumps out at me is that the spreadsheet computed numbers are sometimes one less that what you show in comments. The difference is in how the conversion of fractional results are converted to integer by lopping off the fractional part. Your values in the comments look like you rounded up in some cases.

Here is the image of the spreadsheet I made.

Michael Karas

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