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03/30/16 21:15
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#190637 - AT89LP ISP Studio
Hello Guys,

I am trying to program an atmel AT89LP6440. I built the AT89LP ISP Studio programmer board form this link here.

I know my connections and everything are 100%. Just can't seem to get anything to work. I tested on an AT89S51 (so there is no SS pin or anything extra to worry about)

Program keeps giving error messages. For example just reading the AT89S51, the program reads the first page perfectly (byte for byte) however it gives an error message:
"error in read code. The error is: ISP Bridge is not enabled Aborting operation"

I even tried to log the program with a serial port logging program and everything looks like it is working.

Even just reading the signature, the program tells me that the signature is wrong FF, FF, FF yet it shows in the serial port log that the signature read correctly.

Also the AT89LP Studio informs me that the signature for the AT89S51 should be 1Eh, 51h, 05h which is wrong, The correct signature is 1Eh, 51h, 06h.

I have seen quite a few posts online regarding this program, lots of questions asked but no answers given.

Did anyone get this program to work using the AT89LP4052 code and circuit supplied in the above link? I am really curious if it actually works!

I can post a serial port log if anyone is interested.

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