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12/01/15 23:19
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#190595 - Press release prices
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Erik Malund said:
Posted from memory, I do not see it any more

There is this, from Feb, you likely based that on
["Starting prices for EFM8 MCUs in 10,000-unit quantities range from $0.21 for EFM8BB MCUs to $0.32 for EFM8SB MCUs to $0.43 for EFM8UB MCUs (all prices in USD)"]

and the same 'Press release' indicator for LB1 is
["EFM8LB1 Laser Bee MCUs are available now in a choice of QFN24 and QFN32 packages. EFM8LB1 product pricing in 10,000-unit quantities begins at $0.52 (USD) and varies depending on peripheral features, amount of RAM (ranging from 1 kB to 4 kB) and amount of flash memory (scaling from 16 kB to 64 kB). "]

which is still a reasonable bump below Disti prices

Digikey lists
cheapest EFM8LB1 as 0.76356 @ qty 10,000
[ 1.25K x 8 2.2V ~ 3.6V, A/D 12x14b -40°C ~ 105°C
& cheapest EFM8BB3 as 0.59994 @ qty 10,000
[ 2.25K x 8 2.2V ~ 3.6V, A/D 12x12b, D/A 2x12b, -40°C ~ 85°C ]

Note that smallest BB3 has more RAM, and includes DACs, which are disabled in the lowest positioned LB1.
LB1 has extended temperature range, and IIRC calibrates the Temp Sense.

If you need RAM and DACS, and do not need 105°C or 72MHz or CalTemp, the BB3 can give better value.

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