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06/12/13 22:44
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#189931 - free unlimited Keil
from SILabs:
"We are delighted to announce that we have made a deal with Keil® that allows us to provide our 8-bit MCU customers with a free, unlimited version of the PK51 toolset. This unlimited version only includes the build support, so you will be able to use the Silicon Labs IDE to debug and build projects without time or code size limits. There are no commercial use restrictions with this version and it also comes with 1 year of technical support.

You can download the tools and register for the PK51 key on our website here:

We appreciate any feedback you have regarding using these new tools."

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free unlimited Keil            01/01/70 00:00      
   Interesting but vague             01/01/70 00:00      
      they are ironing out a few issues            01/01/70 00:00      
         happens more lately            01/01/70 00:00      
            Certainly not unique            01/01/70 00:00      
   RE: "commercial restriction"            01/01/70 00:00      
      yes, it is, of course, restricted to SILabs chips            01/01/70 00:00      
         How go they do that?            01/01/70 00:00      
            I have some guesses, but no intention of ...            01/01/70 00:00      
            Possibly this way..?            01/01/70 00:00      
               but...            01/01/70 00:00      
   Tried it out.            01/01/70 00:00      
      DisAsm             01/01/70 00:00      

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