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David Smith
06/02/19 12:42
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Liberty Hill
United States

#190950 - Looking for a SiLabs 89LP-series-knowledgable user...
Hi everyone!

I have an NXP 87C52X2-based product, where I only have the assembler code from over 10 years ago.

I would like to find someone capable on the SiLabs 8051-compatible product line to help me with migration. I need to identify:
- all the differences between the intel/nxp devices and the SiLabs (like RST/, addresses, fuses, etc)
- help on how to identify timing issues I'll face with any location in the code that is 'time' based on NOPs
- help on the correct settings for the correct IDE to allow import of the existing assy code

I think migration is a well known process, but I'm frankly afraid of all the pitfalls in my understanding of which SiLabs variant is able to help me the best on a pin-compatible upgrade and later an upgrade with a re-layout, more functions etc.

I'm not looking for a consultant company, but I am looking for an experienced person who could get me through the early stumbling blocks and who I would pay hourly for the help Austin, Texas based would be ideal, but I can work with anyone who knows english. 8 )

Any help in this endeavor would be sorely appreciated.


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