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Balasubramanian Vaidhyana
02/28/17 08:58
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Andover Ma
United States

#190746 - tusb3410.h:56: syntax error: token -> 'bPCON' ; column 9
Hi all

I am trying to compile the bootcode for TUSB3410 USB controller. I am using the makefile as below. I am getting the below error

tusb3410.h:56: syntax error: token -> 'bPCON' ; column 9

I did a make all.. Has anyone here tried to compile the bootcode for TUSB3410?. Any help would be greatly appreciated...


# Makefile tusb3410 firmware

CC = c://newProject//bin//sdcc
LD = c://newProject//bin//sdcc
LFLAGS = --model-small --idata-loc 0xc0 --xram-loc 0xf800 --xram-size 2048 --code-size 16384
# ^ info for weasels only: the stack grows upwards ...

OBJS= main.rel usb.rel ser.rel

all : firm.flat : firm.flat
gosh gen-descriptor-header.scm $(VID) $(PID) firm.flat : gen-descriptor-header.scm
gosh gen-descriptor-header.scm $(VID) $(PID)

firm.flat : main.ihx ihex/ihex2flat
ihex/ihex2flat main.ihx firm.flat

main.ihx : $(OBJS) Makefile ihex/ihex2flat

(cd ihex; make)

rm -f firm.flat *.asm *.ihx *.lnk *.map *.mem *.lst *.rel *.rst *.sym
rm -f *~
(cd ihex; make clean)

main.rel: main.c Makefile
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) main.c

usb.rel: usb.c Makefile
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) usb.c

ser.rel: ser.c Makefile
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) ser.c

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