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03/30/15 19:07
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#190453 - Is this even possible printer fuser fire ?
I was watching CSI Cyber episode "Fire Code". Where sending a code from the internet causes printer catch fire. I would guess since the they refer to it as fuser causing the problem it had to be a laser printer since inkjets don't have one. I have been repairing laster printers for few years. I have never came across a fuser that could create sparks? The idea was fuser is the match and the paper is fuel. Even with safety off I don't think it would work. But maybe I am wrong. I am know expert on laser printers. I don't think even if it's possible to send code to printer that you could because of eerpom code in the printer. Any ideas on this? I found that show very intersting in theory on this subject. I have not written a thread in long while.

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Is this even possible printer fuser fire ?            01/01/70 00:00      
   Maybe ... but probably not            01/01/70 00:00      
   never be sure            01/01/70 00:00      

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