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09/12/19 15:24
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#190958 - AT89LPISP Studio
Hello everyone,

Trying to get support for AT89LPISP Studio is extremely difficult.
I tried years ago to buy the "ISP_studio_board" programmer but it was NEVER available for sale, NEVER.

So the only way to be able to use the software is to build my own programmer.

Built it, and it works on AT89LP428 and AT89LP828 perfectly in every function.
Built both the serial port version and USB version. I connected the serial port version to a real serial port (For the record it is not a useless USBtoRS232 adapter from ebay). Both versions (USB and Serial Port) exhibit the same errors.

I tried other devices such as AT89LP2052, AT89LP52, and a few others.

The program reads the signature correctly but gives an error message
"Error in Read Atmel signature, the bridge is not enabled"

HOWEVER, it shows the correct signature (100% verified).

I even logged the serial connection and the programmer is returning the correct data.

When reading the code memory, the program reads the first few lines until i get the dreaded error. The first few lines are correct in the screen buffer.

I even went one step further and checked with my logic analyzer, and the programmer is returning the correct data to AT89LPISP Studio.

I am certain it is not the hardware because the hardware works with the AT89LP428 and AT89LP828.

Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to have to pull out my old computer with the parallel port just to program these devices.

I am 100% certain it's a bug in the AT89LPISP Studio software.

It seems like they just abandoned the whole project, (but the AT89LP devices are in production and they are still selling them).

I don't want to buy an expensive programmer either.

Thank you in advance for any useful information.

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