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02/17/18 22:54
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#190850 - Retrieving FAQs and code samples
The FAQ page and code sample files appear to be broken, but you can retrieve some or maybe all of them as follows.

For FAQ answers, try searching the web for these terms, and looking for appropriate answers in the hits:
FAQ site:

For code library files, right-click the file's link at , select "Copy link address" (or whatever) to copy the link to your clipboard, then paste the link to the Wayback Machine (search box URL marked "Wayback Machine", at top of, and hit Enter. Then, if you get a calendar results display, browse back to year 2011 or earlier, and click on a highlighted date to get the file. Dates later than 2011 will probably return a "404 File Doesn't exist" response. After clicking on a date with a valid file, it may download automatically as an .asm or .C or .zip file. If the download lacks an extension, as it does for some files, you can add the extension manually to the downloaded file.

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