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Lars Brinkhoff
09/20/17 01:41
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#190799 - Which dev board for 8051 newbie?

I'd like to test some software on a 8051. I'd like some advice on which development board to use. I don't need much in the way of peripherals, and I can live without a debug interface.

It should be easy to program through USB on Linux, and there should be a LED or similar to indicate success.


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Which dev board for 8051 newbie?      Lars Brinkhoff      09/20/17 01:41      
   ToolStick      Lars Brinkhoff      09/20/17 06:18      
      absolutely      Erik Malund      09/20/17 07:32      
         Thanks      Lars Brinkhoff      09/20/17 14:44      

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