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08/07/17 19:37
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#190794 - EasyIAP and SST89516
After probably more than 10 years since I last went in the code base and compiled it, I am being asked to modify the code for an important new customer. This WAS written on KSC System51 Pascal more than 20 years ago, then I sort of recompiled it against ePascal, but never released it.

The writer of ePascal was kind enough to renew my licence, and the beast is running in WINE on Amazon AWS, in a Linux instance....things have changed in the last 20 years havem't they ?

We used the P89V51RD2, then migrated to the Microchip SST clone, which we haven't programmed by IAP, since we have a decent parallel programmer. BUT I want to rewrite code, test and execute it on the SST chip.

What works ? Is the bootloader compatible with FlashMagic, or only the legendary EasyIAP package that SST used to provide, and for which I can find no copy, apart from an old one on the website of a fellow 8052 member.


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