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08/22/16 03:22
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Yes, and several others as well, but the one from Dallas had auto-toggle, whereby every other access to DPTR was from the other DPTR, auto inc/dec didn't have to apply to both DPTR's, different timing could be assigned to the two transfers, so, as I then needed, it allowed me to read from a fixed port or write to it, alternately from a write/read to an incremented location in memory.

At the time I did this I wasn't even aware that Infineon had a part with dual DPTR, but one thing that attracted me to the Dallas part was the speed. At 33 MHz, it could function as a DMAC, without handlijng the data internally, thereby letting me have the data source drive the destomatopm directly. This meant I could transfer words rather than bytes in just two instructions with an interrupt to signal the transfer was complete, and just about as quickly as the data source could provide the data.

I found it very convenient. If it wasn't unique, well, that didn't matter at the time.

What was the part number of that Infineon MCU?

Thanks for pointing this out.


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