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04/08/16 20:55
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#190661 - Novice mistakes are always with us..
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Erik Malund said:
Simulation does not, by itself, cause any mistakes,
let's take on that has been seen several times "The simulator says my UART code is good" since the simulator (at least as fas as I hve seen) do not care about baudrates or pin configurations

Hehe, well, yes, if you exclude user ignorance, then all problems can be 'blamed' on one's tools.

I do not consider false claims of 'proven good' as a mistake caused by simulation, as you earlier claimed, but rather a misunderstanding of how to use that simulator, and what the results actually mean.
If the simulator you use, really 'does not care about baudrates', then of course any UART test coverage is limited.

Anyone skilled will not use just a MCU simulator, just as an analog designer should not use just Spice.

Mostly one uses both simulation and real world testing, but a (good) simulator can save a lot of time.
I can code for days, using just the simulator. Depends on the problem in hand.

Erik Malund said:
..since the simulator (at least as far as I have seen) do not care about baudrates

Interesting, TSim51 does care about Baud rates, and the timer settings that generate those, so you must mean other Simulators.

TSim51 even cares about the SiLabs crossbar.

Being a fast digital simulator, TSim51 does not try to model the Analog port pins nature, so it does not show the finite rise time of an Open Drain SiLabs port. I doubt anyone would expect that it did ?
We are discussing how to graphically show port-mode settings for novices.

It does model ADC and DAC operation.

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