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11/08/15 03:12
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#190576 - USB programming STC micro through MCP2221
I'm having problems programming an STC15F2K60S2. It's programmed through the RxD and TxD pins of one of the UARTs. These pins are "converted" to USB through a Microchip MCP2221.

When programming the STC15 micros, the programming software IDs the chip, calibrates the RC-oscillator and then erases/writes the flash. When going through the MCP, only the chip ID works - so reading/writing data does work. But the calibration step does not complete, and the software aborts the programming attempt.

I found the "free programmer" that came with the first STC chips I bought. This programmer is just a USB/UART bridge using a Prolific PL2303HX. When going through the Prolific bridge, programming does work. But why not through the Microchip bridge? What difference could the bridge chip make?

The only reason I went with the MCP originally, is the easy to hand-solder SOIC package...

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