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09/08/15 14:23
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#190564 - One 89V51RD2 and 12 nos 4 digit LED modules
For a project I have a requirement to interface 12 nos of 4 digit seven segment display modules to one P89V51RD2. Even though the count of display modules are high the MCU most of time will be waiting for a proximity signal and once received update some data into the displays and then wait.

I am basically looking for something like the SAA1064 where you can have four modules on to one I2C bus. Is there anyway to do what I want without resorting to multiprocessor communication ? ( One central master MCU and 12 slave display modules with its own MCU )

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One 89V51RD2 and 12 nos 4 digit LED modules            01/01/70 00:00      
   shift registers            01/01/70 00:00      
   LED drivers            01/01/70 00:00      
      Why not many MAX7219 drivers?            01/01/70 00:00      
         Sure, if you already have 12 x MAX7219             01/01/70 00:00      
            Thanks to all those who responded            01/01/70 00:00      
   might have been ridicolous, but            01/01/70 00:00      

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