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Konstantinos L. Angelis
06/02/15 00:41
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#190512 - the code you mentioned is from a very old thread from 8052.c
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
the code you mentioned is from a very old thread from

dated from 2003

you have to completely enroll to the thread from the first to the last answer there.

That thead started with a <<puzzle>> from Micahel Karas asking for

Sometimes an 8051/8051 microcontroller may need to monitor and debounce filter a multiple of inputs ...

this is a clever way to debounce multiple inputs, but I prefer the more robust method of majority vote,
where every input is sampled for state and transition (timer based) and at a predefined number of samples (or a sliding window) the final status (state/transition) is determined by simple and strict rules according to the need of the application.

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Timer 0 ISR for Switch Debounce      Raghunathan      05/17/15 05:52      
   I guess      Erik Malund      05/18/15 05:59      
      Yes it is enabled in MAIN. Though not shown !       Raghunathan      05/18/15 08:42      
   unsigned < 0      Maarten Brock      05/19/15 11:39      
      :^)      Michael Karas      05/19/15 12:41      
   P1TempState init and update      KONSTANTINOS L. ANGELIS      05/21/15 02:30      
      Sorry about the delay...      Raghunathan      06/01/15 22:20      
         the code you mentioned is from a very old thread from 8052.c      KONSTANTINOS L. ANGELIS      06/02/15 00:41      
            Thanks to you and Michael Karas !!       Raghunathan      06/02/15 05:01      
               You are welcome!!      Michael Karas      06/02/15 11:51      
                  Old Stuff      Michael Karas      06/05/15 03:45      

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