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04/01/14 06:35
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#190305 - Sophisticated rip off
There is nothing technical about this post..

Been travelling to Copenhagen for the last so many years and this is the first time it happened. Checked into a hotel in the city centre. Waiting in reception for my friend to check in. A guy walks with a camera in hand and wants a photo taken in front of the hotel ( to post in FB ).I oblige. Once the session is over a bike screeches to halt and two well dressed guys get down and hold both of us and flash a badge which says "Anti Drug .. blah blah" . They claim to be police in drug enforcement wing ( not in uniform). I am accused of trying to buy drug from the guy who posed and they threaten with dire consequences. Under the pretext of checking they craft fully steal my credit card and some 300 Euro from the wallet. They return the wallet and let me go with a warning. I heave a big sigh of relief and get back to hotel...only to realize I have been ripped off by thugs. Anyway immediately blocked the card but the money gone is gone. Police arrive and the usual stuff followed.

Posting this as a lesson to be shared. Looks like taking photos of strangers is not anymore an innocent help. Best is to never trust strangers with any request however harmless it may look ?


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