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06/26/13 04:13
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#189961 - Let me know whether you've received it, please.
Responding to: ???'s previous message
There's been a bit of confusion in using my hotmail account, which I only use as a spam trap. I sent v3.40 from my main email, since I was having difficulty with the hotmail thing.


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Jeff Posts d52 download            01/01/70 00:00      
   I've got it ... if you don't mind an old version            01/01/70 00:00      
      Let me know whether you've received it, please.            01/01/70 00:00      
         got it            01/01/70 00:00      
            v3.4.1            01/01/70 00:00      
               Thanks            01/01/70 00:00      
                  3.4.1 is probably the newest            01/01/70 00:00      
   D52            01/01/70 00:00      
      Interactive            01/01/70 00:00      

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