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WHY YOU CAN TRUST THE 8052.COM ONLINE STORE knows that you have many choices when it comes time to purchase your 8052-related tools and we want to make you as comfortable as possible purchasing through the Online Store.


While most of the vendors in the Online Store are well-known in the industry, some are relative newcomers. Regardless of whether or not you have dealt with the individual vendor you may purchase products at the Online Store with confidence because only lists products from vendors which we trust. Every vendor in the Online Store has agreed to certain terms, one of which is accepting's mediation should there ever be a problem between the vendor and a customer.

So you may place your order confidently, knowing that will help you should you have any problems with the vendor.


Your order is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption with an InstantSSL Pro Certificate from Comodo. This doesn't just secure the transaction and prevent third parties from viewing the data of the transactions--it means that if it turns out that Information Services isn't who we say we are and you, trusting Comodo to have verified our business, place an order and are subsequently defrauded by us, Comodo will insure your transaction up to US$2500. So our InstantSSL Pro certificate doesn't just provide a secure SSL connection, it insures your transaction up to US$2500 if you are the subject fraud as a result from trusting the InstantSSL Pro certificate.


In other words, you can purchase any product in the Online Store with confidence because will vouch for the vendors and help mediate any problems that you may have with the vendor. Likewise, you can trust because we have a 128-bit InstantSSL Pro certificate from Comodo, which means has been validated by Comodo as being a legitimate business and you have US$2500 worth of insurance through Comodo.

Vault Information Services, the parent company of, has been in business since October 1992 and the website was registered in March 1994, before Yahoo, eBay, even before AOL existed! VIS' DUNS number is 032077112. The website has been online since August 27th, 2002--over 5 years.

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