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8051/8052 Instruction: XRL

Function:Bitwise Exclusive OR
Syntax:XRL operand1,operand2

XRL iram addr,A0x6221None
XRL iram addr,#data0x6332None
XRL A,#data0x6421None
XRL A,iram addr0x6521None
XRL A,@R00x6611None
XRL A,@R10x6711None
XRL A,R00x6811None
XRL A,R10x6911None
XRL A,R20x6A11None
XRL A,R30x6B11None
XRL A,R40x6C11None
XRL A,R50x6D11None
XRL A,R60x6E11None
XRL A,R70x6F11None

Description: XRL does a bitwise "EXCLUSIVE OR" operation between operand1 and operand2, leaving the resulting value in operand1. The value of operand2 is not affected. A logical "EXCLUSIVE OR" compares the bits of each operand and sets the corresponding bit in the resulting byte if the bit was set in either (but not both) of the original operands, otherwise the bit is cleared.

See Also: ANL, ORL, Instruction Set